The Commission intends to promote competition, efficiency and economy in the States power sector, improve the quality of supply, promote investments and advise the government on the removal of institutional barriers to bridge the demand supply gap and thus foster the interests of consumers. In pursuit of these objectives the Commission aims to----

  • Improve the operations and management of the transmission, distribution and retail supply of electricity by enforcing the Standards of Performance

  • Formulate an efficient tariff setting mechanism, which ensures speedy and time bound disposal of tariff petitions, promotes competition, economy and efficiency in the pricing of power, transmission, distribution and retail supply services and ensures least cost investments.

  • Facilitate open access in intra-state transmission

  • Facilitate intra-state trading

  • Promote development of power market

  • Improve access to information for all stakeholders

  • Facilitate technological and institutional changes required for the development of competitive markets in intra-state transmission, distribution and retail supply of electricity.

  • Advise on the removal of barriers to entry and exit for capital and management, within the limits of environmental, safety and security concerns and the existing legislative requirements, as the first step to the creation of competitive markets.

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