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Joint Meeting of State Advisory Committee and State Coordination Forum on 30-11-2018 at Vijayawada
05-11-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 03.11.2018
Petitions Data
Order requesting Sri. K. Gopal Choudary to assist the Commission
Order passed on 27-10-2018 in R.P.No.1 of 2018 in O.P.No.1 of 2017
Order dated 27-10-2018 passed in OP.No. 19 of 2018
Daily proceeding order 27.10.2018
29-10-2018: Hearing Schedule as on 27-10-2018
Comments/Suggestions on Reg.No. 5 of 2005 received from Sri S. Surya Prakasa Rao Former Secretary erstwhile APERC
10-10-2018: Hearing Schedule
09-10-2018: Common Feeder - Enhancement of CMD Limits at 11 kV and 33 kV - Amendment
First Amendment to Terms and Conditions of Determination of Tariff for Transmission of Electricity - Reg. No. 5 of 2005
06-10-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 06.10.2018
Common Order passed in OP.Nos. 20 to 22 of 2018
Joint Meeting of State Advisory Committee and State Coordination Forum - Agenda

Public Notice: Seeking comments/suggestions/views on the proposed amendments to the Electricity Act 2003 and National Tariff Policy 2016

Agl. services Linking with other categories - Non-compliance
Daily proceeding order 29.09.2018
29-09-2018: Hearing Schedule
Revenue and Tariff Analysis for Electric Utilities of AP

Daily proceeding order: 15.09.2018
15-09-2018: Hearing Schedule
Tenure period of SAC Members - Gazette notification
Public Hearing on Load Forecasts Resource Plans and State Electricity Plan for 4th and 5th Control Periods

Order passed on 01.09.2018 in I.A. No. 23 of 2018 in O.P.Nos.60 and 61 of 2017
Daily proceeding order 01.09.2018
01-09-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily Proceeding order: 25-08-2018