ARR, Tariff and CSS Filings of AP DISCOMs

Aggregate Revenue Requirement Tariff and Cross Subsidy Surcharge filings relating to Retail Supply Business for the FY2021-22 2 True up/down of power purchase cost for FY2019-20 and FY2020-21 - Commission's Directions View

Addendum to the ARR filings for FY2021-22 have been filed by the DISCOMs on 17-12-2020. The same can be viewed by clicking the respective DISCOM's Filings links given below:

Press Release dt:19-12-2020 English Telugu
Public notice on hearings through Video Conference on ARR and Tariff proposals of the DISCOMs for FY2021-22 View
List of Objectors who are scheduled to be heard on 18-01-2021 | 19-01-2021 | 20-01-2021

APSPDCL Filings -        Objections & Replies
APEPDCL Filings - Objections & Replies
APCPDCL Filings - Objections & Replies
Common Objections & Replies on the filings of all DISCOMs.

Latest Notifications

Minutes of the 15th meeting of the State Advisory Committee held on 22.01.2021 View
In the matter of amending the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission Terms and Conditions of Appointment and Payment of Remuneration to Empanelled Advocate Regulations 2020 View
Order passed in OP.No. 32 of 2020 View
Constitution of an expert committee by APERC to study and submit a report on the appropriate methodology to be followed for approval/ratification of short-term power purchases View
Transmission Tariff Order dated 08.03.2019 and SLDC Annual Fees and Operating Charges Order dated 08.03.2019 for the 4th control period -FY 2019-20 to FY 2023-24 - Apportioning of Transmission and SLDC charges between APSPDCL and APCPDCL for the period from 01.04.2021 to 31.03.2024 View
The Commission appointed an expert committee to study the issue of short term purchases being sought for by the DISCOMs. View
Order passed in OP.No. 37 of 2020 View
Clarification about the collection of DTr charges from multi-storied complexes -- Issued View

Latest Regulations/Proceedings

Reg.No. 2 of 2021 - Terms and Conditions of Appointment and Payment of Remuneration to Empanelled Advocate - 1st Amendment Regulation View
Reg.No. 1 of 2021 - Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum Vidyut Ombudsman and Consumer Assistance - First Amendment Regulation View
Reg.No. 2 of 2020 - Terms and conditions of appointment and payment of Remuneration to Empanelled Advocate Regulation View

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